If you’re a blogger you need to be on Twitter

I’m only on day 3 of not using Twitter and whilst I’m using my iPhone less I’m missing out on engagement. I’ve come to realise that the majority of my shares and comments on what I write is done via Twitter. I’m seeing great growth by posting on my blog in short form instead ofContinue reading “If you’re a blogger you need to be on Twitter”

My experience with the official iOS Twitter app

After seeing missed conversations and threads on Tweetbot I decided to give the official Twitter app another go. Well, I lasted 48 hours and had to delete. I hated seeing more news I had an advert every 3 posts on my timeline, even disliking ads and muting accounts didn’t help Muting is more fiddly DarkContinue reading “My experience with the official iOS Twitter app”

Twitter adds API, loses users

You’ve probably read by now that Twitter is introducing new API’s that result in third party apps (like my favourite Tweetbot) losing functionality and being charged to effectively keep their customer base using their apps. This is another move that is slowly but surely meant to see the end of all third party apps andContinue reading “Twitter adds API, loses users”