Some thoughts on the Apple “unleashed” event

Apple yesterday had their “unleashed” event which turned out to be focussed on Music and MacBook Pro. A Siri only subscription? This has me scratching my head a bit. I can see that a cheaper £4.99 subscription is a good thing but to only be able to access it via Siri is a miss inContinue reading “Some thoughts on the Apple “unleashed” event”

An expensive cleaning cloth, well that’s modern Apple for you

This is one of the many little reasons Apple have got as much money as they do, just like this one too. It’s easy to joke about it but the sad thing is that there will be people that will order it. Losing focus on the fun and creativity of it’s products and moving towardsContinue reading “An expensive cleaning cloth, well that’s modern Apple for you”

Notebook check confirms PWM on the iPhone 13

I always try to wait for Notebook check to do their in depth reviews before making a purchase. They have now reviewed the iPhone 13 and confirmed that it does indeed use PWM to modulate the brightness. At the lowest brightness setting, the display exhibits a flickering that is indicative of PWM being used toContinue reading “Notebook check confirms PWM on the iPhone 13”

Replace your battery, not your device

I’ve been seeing a worrying trend in some reviews lately – if your battery isn’t great then replace your entire device. This has become more evident in the time of incremental updates to most technology and where justification to upgrading to the new and shiny isn’t as easy a decision based on features alone. IContinue reading “Replace your battery, not your device”