Using the MacBook and iPad Mini as my daily drivers

Something strange has happened since I’ve been out of work and looking for a new role, I’ve almost completely switched back to using macOS. My setup that I use daily has changed and I’d like to share what I’m now using daily. iPhone The iPhone that I use is still the 2020 iPhone 11 Pro.Continue reading “Using the MacBook and iPad Mini as my daily drivers”

My iPad Home screen (May 2018 edition)

Here’s an update on my home screen, specifically the iPad Pro 10.5″ that has become my main device. Here’s the apps I use the most. OmniFocus: I bounce between to do apps almost monthly but I’m trying to get myself settled on OmniFocus WordPress: The app I use to manage my blog and add newContinue reading “My iPad Home screen (May 2018 edition)”