Setting up Apple Reminders

Switching back to the MAC also had me thinking about the core apps I’m using to manage my day, I’ve now settled into a little routine using Apple Reminders. The iCloud sync seems solid now and using across iOS and macOS I’m starting to find the benefits of using Apple’s own apps. I keep itContinue reading “Setting up Apple Reminders”

Getting started with Apple Reminders

I’m going through some testing of to do apps (I know, not again!) and as I’m doing this I thought I’d share some thoughts on several of them, including Reminders. When you pick up Reminders for the first time I’d recommend deleting any preloaded lists and starting with just one called INBOX. This will beContinue reading “Getting started with Apple Reminders”

Apple Reminders has stopped Reminding me (and some iCloud woes)

I’m trying not to add to the pile of people reporting iOS 13 bugs but I’ve got one that’s stopping me using stock apps. I’ve gone all in with Reminders but I’ve found it’s not consistently sending me notifications. I’ll notice that I should have been reminded when I check the app and I haveContinue reading “Apple Reminders has stopped Reminding me (and some iCloud woes)”