The best free productivity apps might be already built in

As I’ve already shared, my day job situation is changing soon and I’m cutting right back on my spending. As I’ve already written about the first place I went was my subscriptions. I had to cut back on everything but essential ones, at the moment that’s iCloud storage only. I also wrote off Reminders inContinue reading “The best free productivity apps might be already built in”

How iOS 14 is helping my productivity

I’ve been switching between iOS 13 and 14 a lot this summer and what always brings me back despite my iPhone almost catching fire every time I run 14 is the productivity improvements I’m seeing. Here’s my current Home Screen and for me it’s almost perfect, I get what I need from glanceable information toContinue reading “How iOS 14 is helping my productivity”

Energy levels determine your passion projects

It’s strange that after all this time I’ve only just realised that one of the main reasons blogging sticks is down to energy levels. I’m a morning person and with tools like the WordPress app on my iOS devices I’m able to wake up and start early. It’s easy for me to do this withoutContinue reading “Energy levels determine your passion projects”