What does digital minimalism mean to me?

This year I really wanted to try to be more intentional about how I’m using my technology. The first step was to read through Cal Newport’s book on the subject. I’m in the process of working through a digital declutter, where I’m taking breaks from various activities that have been time sucks or raised myContinue reading “What does digital minimalism mean to me?”

Don’t overthink your to do app

I’ve been taking things back to basics a little with my productivity. I’ve installed Fantastical (mainly to use it’s widgets) and Things 3. I’m trying not to overthink and spend any time messing with productivity apps. I’m not even creating projects anymore to categorise by type I.e. home, finances etc. Things like paying bills andContinue reading “Don’t overthink your to do app”

Starting fresh with Todoist

After feeling overwhelmed using Reminders and testing out Things (still an accessibility nightmare) I’m starting from scratch with Todoist. I’ve decided to use Labels, Priorities and Projects to organise this time. It’s still a starter for ten but just wanted to share an initial setup. I’m not even cross referencing my other apps I’m justContinue reading “Starting fresh with Todoist”

Productivity app bankruptcy and setting deadlines

I feel like I reach this point every few months, overwhelmed with to do items that keep rolling over or get missed. I’ve been playing around with different apps a bit but it makes no difference I’m so busy I’m not able to keep on top of things. What I’ve come to realise is ItContinue reading “Productivity app bankruptcy and setting deadlines”

Switching apps to help to do app overwhelm

I’ve been using Todoist for quite a while now and whilst I’ve been enjoying it I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Despite all of it’s positives Todoist still isn’t great at dealing with overdue tasks. If you miss a task or don’t get to it it’ll flag as overdue, which is great for some butContinue reading “Switching apps to help to do app overwhelm”

I’ve stopped watching YouTube (and why you might want to as well)

Back in 2008 I was really into YouTube, in fact I had a guitar channel with a healthy follower count and connections with guitar companies for review gear. It felt like early blogging and gave me a creative outlet I enjoyed. But something changed about 5 years later, click bait and the rise of theContinue reading “I’ve stopped watching YouTube (and why you might want to as well)”