How to reorder projects in OmniFocus

I’ve started to use OmniFocus folders as my areas of focus, such as career and financial. Within these I have projects such as podcast and blog. They are building up and seem to stay in the same order they are created in. Well the good news is that you can reorder these. To do thisContinue reading “How to reorder projects in OmniFocus”

How to quickly get back home in OmniFocus

Whilst listening to an episode of Mac Power Users there was a really great tip shared by David when using OmniFocus. I wanted to post this to help me remember more than anything but hopefully you will find this useful too. If you are deep down in a project and want to quickly get backContinue reading “How to quickly get back home in OmniFocus”

How to quickly add a repeating task in OmniFocus

I do a lot of repeating tasks and found creating them in OmniFocus a little time consuming. For each task I had to tap ‘show more’ in the inspector and before I could do anything with it. Thankfully I’ve found a quicker way. Tap on any task you’ve already created (this won’t work on aContinue reading “How to quickly add a repeating task in OmniFocus”

How to build habits using OmniFocus

I’ve used a few different apps over the years to try to build good habits but in the end they all fall by the wayside. The main reason for this is I’m not seeing or being reminded of them. When switching over to OmniFocus I thought I’d use their tagging system to help me withContinue reading “How to build habits using OmniFocus”

How to view tags in your forecast view (OmniFocus)

A useful feature in OmniFocus 3 is the ability to add tags to your tasks. Whilst looking at the forecast view I realised I could customise and show 1 tag along with my calendar and scheduled tasks. I find this useful when I have something I’d like to get done but don’t necessarily want toContinue reading “How to view tags in your forecast view (OmniFocus)”

How I use folders in OmniFocus

I’ve had an on/off relationship with OmniFocus over the years but with a period of overwhelm I’ve decided to stick with it and learn how to actually use it effectively. When plotting out my overwhelm I used a mind map and split everything into areas of focus. I did this is an earlier post butContinue reading “How I use folders in OmniFocus”