How to delete a perspective in OmniFocus for iOS

I’m starting fresh and clearing down my OmniFocus setup and when looking at removing perspectives it wasn’t that intuitive on how, here’s how to do it. First off you need to SHOW all of your perspectives, tap on the SHOW icon. Select the perspective you want to delete by tapping on it and then hitContinue reading “How to delete a perspective in OmniFocus for iOS”

OmniFocus 3: How to move a project into a folder

I’m getting more into using OF now as my main productivity app and some elements are not as intuitive as I’d like so I’ll be sharing hints and tips I’m picking up. First up is moving an existing project into a newly created folder. Navigate to your projects and tap Edit. Now tap the projectContinue reading “OmniFocus 3: How to move a project into a folder”

Getting started with OmniFocus

I’m back with a blank slate again on my productivity system and fallen back to my old favourite OmniFocus. I thought I’d share how I’m using it over a series of posts and how I’m initially setting it up. First off it might look intimidating but OmniFocus really can be as simple or as complicatedContinue reading “Getting started with OmniFocus”

How I’m managing my day with OmniFocus

I’m a couple of weeks in with using OmniFocus exclusively and it’s actually starting to stick. I wanted to write a series of posts on how I’m using it in my daily life. First up each morning I’m looking at what I have on my plate and adjusting the day to suit my availability andContinue reading “How I’m managing my day with OmniFocus”