Will Chewie be in the Captain Marvel movie?

(Spoilers for Captain Marvel ahead …) Now I’ve been reading a lot of Captain Marvel, particularly the Kelly Sue Deconnick run I spotted something new on the Captain Marvel poster. If you look in the bottom left you’ll see what looks like the back end of a cat. This appears to be Chewie, her catContinue reading “Will Chewie be in the Captain Marvel movie?”

Non Spoiler Infinity War review

I’ve seen Infinity War twice now and wanted to share my thoughts on it now that I have had some time to digest everything. First off I’ll come straight out say it’s in my top 3 MCU movies along with Winter Soldier and Civil War – these are in no particular order by the way.Continue reading “Non Spoiler Infinity War review”

Marvel Legends Captain America Shield

I’m slowly but surely filling my home office with stuff I love, thought I was time to get some Marvel props. The Marvel Legends series are made by Hasbro and offer an affordable high quality replica of your favourite film props. I’m planning on wall mounting this one, more on this in a later post.Continue reading “Marvel Legends Captain America Shield”