The importance of scheduling your day when you’re out of work

I’ve been out of work now for just over a week and one thing I’m finding hard is losing that schedule of a 9 to 5 job, especially if you had client contact and lots of meetings like I did. I had a hybrid role, somewhere between Technical Consultant and Solutions Architect and was alwaysContinue reading “The importance of scheduling your day when you’re out of work”

Cutting back on news and social media is good for my mental health

I don’t have to remind anyone about the current state of things but even before all of this kicked off I was struggling with news and social media consumption. I went two weeks with little social and no news and felt all the more calmer and consistent for it. This week however I checked TwitterContinue reading “Cutting back on news and social media is good for my mental health”

Swapping social media for creativity

I’ve noticed in the past (and rewriting this post as a reminder) that if I want to create more I need to swap my Twitter habit with a creation one. I’m finding that in downtime that I’m scrolling my feeds in Twitter or Reddit instead of doing something to benefit my mental health like playingContinue reading “Swapping social media for creativity”

Heads up

It’s not until I stopped using all social media on my iPhone and tried to triage with my Apple Watch that I realised how many people around me have their heads down in a phone. Even at things like swimming lessons with my family I am realising how short some of our attention span haveContinue reading “Heads up”

Doing my best not to nitpick (and be more positive)

After listening to another tech podcast this morning (something I’m trying to do less of these days) it struck me that my tendency to nitpick and find faults isn’t being helped by their consumption. We live in an age with some amazing technology around us but some people (including me sometimes) are never happy withContinue reading “Doing my best not to nitpick (and be more positive)”

Taking a step back (slowly removing myself from Twitter)

I wrote this post about how I’m trying to be more intentional using social media. Well after trying it I’m changing it up and deleting them completely. Twitter gives me very little in return for the negativity that I’m seeing. It’s become a habit to check what’s going on but I share very little theseContinue reading “Taking a step back (slowly removing myself from Twitter)”