Setting up Apple Reminders

Switching back to the MAC also had me thinking about the core apps I’m using to manage my day, I’ve now settled into a little routine using Apple Reminders. The iCloud sync seems solid now and using across iOS and macOS I’m starting to find the benefits of using Apple’s own apps. I keep itContinue reading “Setting up Apple Reminders”

Finally giving up on Apple Reminders

I bet you’re sick of hearing me write about productivity apps, especially Reminders but fear not I’m done. I’ve been trying a few different apps but still not settled but that’s a post for another day, back to Reminders. I reinstalled the app on my iPhone and it was immediately broken. Here’s my app badgeContinue reading “Finally giving up on Apple Reminders”

My experience with setting up family sharing on iOS

I finally decided to eat that frog and stop putting off the worst thing I could imagine setting up iOS – Family Sharing. With us all using Apple Music in the household (with different accounts mainly) and the fact I’m paying for 2TB of iCloud it was time. It took a couple of hours andContinue reading “My experience with setting up family sharing on iOS”