Find some calm and focus with Portal

I’ve been checking out Portal for the last couple of weeks, integrating it into my day and I have to say that it’s been helping me with with distractions and focussing in work. The app is an interesting combination of features that are focussed on your wellbeing and letting you escape to different surroundings usingContinue reading “Find some calm and focus with Portal”

Why I’ve switched to Safari in iOS 15

I’ve been using the DuckDuckGo browser on my iOS devices since it launched but with iOS 15 I’ve completely switched over to Safari. There is only one reason I’ve done this – Private Relay. Normally when you browse the web, information contained in your web traffic, such as your DNS records and IP address, canContinue reading “Why I’ve switched to Safari in iOS 15”

What’s new in iOS 15

I’ve written a few things on iOS 15 and this post from MacStories explains the changes better than I can. I agree with most of this post and need to get my teeth into Focus, I’ve not even set it up yet.