How iOS 14 is helping my productivity

I’ve been switching between iOS 13 and 14 a lot this summer and what always brings me back despite my iPhone almost catching fire every time I run 14 is the productivity improvements I’m seeing. Here’s my current Home Screen and for me it’s almost perfect, I get what I need from glanceable information toContinue reading “How iOS 14 is helping my productivity”

iOS 14 Beta 5

I’m so glad we got an a new beta yesterday, it seems to have fixed some of the bugs that made beta 4 so terrible. Reminders now works faster and doesn’t crash when selecting a custom frequency Messages loads instantly Using camera from lock screen works Reminders and Calendar widgets now have a closer backgroundContinue reading “iOS 14 Beta 5”

How to unpair your Apple Watch in iOS 14

When you switch up to iOS 14 you’ll notice that the watch app has lost it’s old unpair option so when I decided to take a break from using it I had to dig around a little. It’s now within the erase settings as follows. Once you entered your password you’ll see the following. CheckContinue reading “How to unpair your Apple Watch in iOS 14”