Can you trust iCloud Photo Library?

Another post on my iCloud sync problems, this time though it’s more worrying. Here’s iCloud Photo Library on my iPad. Here’s it on my iPhone. Yes, the counts are different. On checking my iMac the photo counts are different again. When it comes to trusting iCloud Photo Library to manage my precious memories I’m startingContinue reading “Can you trust iCloud Photo Library?”

It’s time for Apple to review it’s iCloud storage tiers

With WWDC upon us I’m doing my annual review of what I’m storing in iCloud. When I did it struck me how limited Apple still are in terms of offerings. Here’s my storage, I pay £6.99 a month for my almost 400GB of storage, where’s the 500GB option? Whilst I’m at it I also thoughtContinue reading “It’s time for Apple to review it’s iCloud storage tiers”