How to delete your MyFitnessPal account

In light of the recent data breach I’m taking the same approach as to anything with my data – lose it and you lose my business. Here’s how to delete your My Fitness Pal account: Go to Log in Click on ‘Settings’ (at the top of the page) Click on ‘Delete Account’ Click onContinue reading “How to delete your MyFitnessPal account”

How to reset Apple TV 2nd gen without a remote

I’m having a bit of a tech clear out and was faced with a second generation Apple TV that I didn’t have a remote for. I couldn’t get the Siri remote to work so was a bit stuck. On looking at the back of the unit I realised that it had a mini USB port.Continue reading “How to reset Apple TV 2nd gen without a remote”

Should you buy Apple Care + for the HomePod?

With any Apple purchase I have to have that internal dialogue of “Do I really need Apple Care +?”. On something like an iPad Pro or iPhone X the answer is an obvious YES but on a device that lives at home what should you do? I chose YES and I feel that if likeContinue reading “Should you buy Apple Care + for the HomePod?”