Using a HomePod as a soundbar replacement

Our Sony soundbar has been playing up for a while but I decided we needed to replace it when the speakers started to stop working well at low levels. The infrared had already broken so it was time. I looked around and without spending £600 Plus I just couldn’t find something that I liked. ItContinue reading “Using a HomePod as a soundbar replacement”

Pairing two HomePods

With iOS 11.4 Apple have enabled AirPlay 2 and the ability to pair two HomePods to create multi-room or stereo pairing two of them together. I’m currently strategising on how I can pick up another one (selling Sonos and some old gadgets to fund it) but here is Jason Snells take on the update.

Should you buy Apple Care + for the HomePod?

With any Apple purchase I have to have that internal dialogue of “Do I really need Apple Care +?”. On something like an iPad Pro or iPhone X the answer is an obvious YES but on a device that lives at home what should you do? I chose YES and I feel that if likeContinue reading “Should you buy Apple Care + for the HomePod?”

Is SIRI any good on the HomePod?

I’m in a love hate relationship with SIRI. Up until I got the HomePod I’d all but stopped using it on my iPhone, frustrated at the limitations and lack of seemingly being able to understand me. It was another story in the car though, with CarPlay I was using it all the time to getContinue reading “Is SIRI any good on the HomePod?”