My iPhone 11 Home Screen

I’ve paired things down a little lately and wanted to share my latest Home Screen, always enjoy these sorts of posts.

The main thing I’ve done is settle into Todoist and removed the calendar widget. I found that in these current times the calendar widget just wasn’t useful and a reminder of where things are. I decided just to have the Todoist one to show me what I had on my plate in a day.

I’m starting to play with Streaks and DayCount for habit (good and bad!) tracking again having fallen off the wagon.

Everything else is pretty standard for me. Reeder for RSS, no social media apps on my Home Screen, podcasts and music and I’m still using Apple Notes.

The wallpaper is great and can be found here.

A relaxing iPhone wallpaper and Home Screen

I’ve been going through my library looking for calmer wallpapers. I change it up probably daily but wanted to settle on something a little more balanced.

Here’s my image, taken in West Wales on one of our many family holidays on the area.

Feel free to use it but please link to my blog and credit me if you put it on the internet anywhere.

A minimal iPhone Home Screen

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my creative projects, distractions and using simpler apps in the last few days. This has led me to redo my Home Screen as you can see above.

I’m using the screen to left of home to have a few widgets but I’m mainly keeping them off my Home Screen.

The screen to the right of home is the App Library.

This leaves just the Home Screen that contains the only real apps I’m using on my iPhone now I’ve removed a lot of distractions.

One thing that stands out is Things 3, I’m just using it as a simple to do list whilst I gather my thoughts. Accessibility issues exist but for a view of my calendar and a few things to tick off I’m using it for now.

Streaks is there whilst I figure out good habits to start and bad habits to drop.

I’m using Apple Music just for the songs I’ve purchased, no subscription service. This still gets catered for by Amazon Music.

Not much more to say on this new setup aside from it’s less busy and hopefully keeps me off my iPhone more unless I’m listening to music.

Home Screen bankruptcy

I’m declaring Home Screen bankruptcy. Since iOS 14 I’ve been playing with widgets every day and not settled on anything. It’s giving me something else to mess around with so I’ve gone back to icons and no widgets. I have widgets in the left of home, like iOS 13 but on my main page I’m back to just icons, there’s something uncluttered that I like right now. I’m managing a lot of things and maybe just having a constant reminder on the first page I see when I unlock is the reason but all I know is I can’t deal with a cluttered home page right now.

The apps that make it onto my iPhone Home Screen

I posted my iPad Home Screen so I thought I’d post my latest iPhone Home Screen. I’m using a few widgets and the image above is showing the apps that made it onto the Home Screen. Everything else is in the App Library.

  • Day One: I’ve been journaling for years using Day One and it’s on the main page as a reminder
  • Overcast: Been my podcast player of choice for years
  • Reeder 4: RSS reader of choice
  • Phone: I need to keep an eye on calls whilst job seeking so it’s made it to the main page so I can see if I’ve missed any
  • Amazon Music: Been enjoying Amazon Music lately, quick to download tracks and more affordable than Apple Music
  • DuckDuckGo: My browser of choice
  • Notes: I’m using Notes daily
  • WordPress: To bring you posts like these
  • Messages
  • Todoist: Switched over to Todoist for a month or so now
  • Mail: Stock app does me just fine
  • Camera: I like quick access

My iPad Pro iPadOS 14 Home Screen

Not posted an iPad Home Screen in a while so thought I would update you all on what my iPadOS 14 Home Screen looks like.

Few of my current key apps

  • Standard Apple Calendar, been my go to now for a little while. I like the widget on iOS and to be honest I don’t really launch the app that much
  • Todoist, been using this for a month or so now and it’s been a solid To Do app for me. I like the widget and the app is a very clean experience
  • Reeder 4, for my RSS feeds
  • Amazon Music, can’t beat 99p for 4 months and it’s been great. Even quicker than Apple Music at downloading music too, can see me sticking even outside of the offer window
  • WordPress for my writing, like this very post

Everything else gets used now and then but these are the key apps I use my iPad for.

Creating custom widgets in iOS 14 with Widgy

I’ve come across an app on iOS 14 that allows you to customise your own widgets – Widgy.

It’s free to mess around with but you’ll need to pay the reasonable £4.99 to use all of the features.

I’ve been pretty amazed with what you can accomplish with it via the community.

As you can see above I took a community Widgy (circle battery) and edited it to my liking via the intuitive UI. Just tap on the section to change and change it.

The app comes with some starter samples but if you head over to the Reddit community then you can download QR codes as images and import them using the ‘import Widgy’ button.

There’s too much to talk about here but download, head to the community to see what you can achieve and start to create.

A simple iOS 14 Home Screen

Another week and another change of Home Screen. I’m keeping it simple, black background and access to my most used apps.

I’ve switched over to reminders to test but I’ve found that iOS and macOS isn’t keeping in sync. I have no idea why but I’ll either or fix or switch to a more reliable sync.

Amazon Music continues to be great value for I’m not missing Apple Music so far.

Night Sky has gone back on, trying to get back into looking up at night.

Other than that, nothing new to report.

Do you find you change things up almost daily?

The start of a new iOS 14 Home Screen

Like a lot of people I’m changing things up again with iOS 14. At the moment I’m keeping it simple and building up with my most used apps. Now I’ve also stopped using my Apple Watch I’ve lost my second page of fitness related apps. I’ll share again once I’ve figured out what I want to do with it.