Should you pay for Apple Arcade?

I’ve been playing around with Apple Arcade for another month after being given a free 3 month trail and unfortunately for me my thoughts haven’t changed since I used it at launch – it’s just not worth £4.99 a month.

We have fun with a few games

  • Cricket through the ages
  • Sneaky Sasquatch
  • What the golf

But after not using it for a long time and coming back I’m disappointed at the lack of new or engaging titles that would warrant my £4.99, especially at the moment.

I know Apple Arcade isn’t competing against something like Xbox games pass technically but at only an extra £3 a month it’s no competition.

I’m struggling to figure out where Arcade sits. All the casual gamers I know wouldn’t pay for a service, they prefer free to play that are already on the App Store. All the others that play games get them individually on console or pay for Xbox Game Pass.

So my verdict is that you still shouldn’t pay for Apple Arcade, if you’re getting it effectively for free as part of the One bundle then it doesn’t hurt to try a few games but as a dedicated £4.99 a month, no.

How Sony designed the PS5 DualSense texture

This feature by THE VERGE offers a fascinating look at how Sony approached adding the texture to the PS5 DualSense controller. I’m yet to test one out (I don’t need to write about the stock levels) but as a bit of a Playstation fanboy I find it interesting that they went to this level of detail.

The PS4 Pro’s biggest problem is the noise it makes

I picked up a PS4 Pro back in 2016 at launch because I’ve always been on the Sony console track and had upgraded to a 4K HDR TV (settling on an LG OLED). It’s in use daily either by myself or my daughter and serves us well – but there is a problem that’s not just mine, it sounds like a jet engine.

I love the games I’m playing on it currently (Red Dead Redemption II, GT Sport, Battlefront and Uncharted 4) but I’m struggling to hear the sound without turning it too much as it’s overwhelmed with the loud fan noise.

I’ve taken the top off of it and cleaned the fan but aside from stripping it down completely and replacing thermal paste (I shouldn’t have to do that) I’m accepting that if you buy a PS4 Pro accept it’ll be loud.

It’s one of the main reasons I’m keeping my eye on PS5 stock, to get a console I can play without the fan waking up the neighbourhood (slight exaggeration I know).

The PS4 Pro is a great console though, more positives than negatives generally and with Miles Morales available now and Resident Evil coming soon there’s really no need to rush out for a next generation console, well not that you could anyway with all of the scalpers. If the fan noise wasn’t as bad I wouldn’t even be contemplating a new console.

Anyone else with this issue?

An open world Star Wars game – Yes please

Wow, this is great news as a massive Star Wars fan and gamer. I love open world games and am currently working my way through Red Dead Redemption II in an attempt to finally finish the story instead of getting side tracked, but this is what I love most about open world games.

Yeah I’d love to see Rockstar have a go but UBISOFT is fine with me, getting a break from EA is going to be a good thing for the Star Wars universe of games.

Cooling off on the next generation of consoles

I always get excited for new console launches and have been an early adopter most generations but for this PS5 and Xbox Series X one I’ve completely cooled my interest just now.

I was prepared to put down my money on a series X given game pass and no real new games on PS5 (over being able to play on my PS4 Pro) but between good games still on PS4 and the Switch becoming my main console I’m not bothered.

Yes I know the haptic controller seems to be a game changer but the Astro game aside it doesn’t look well adopted at the moment on other titles.

I’ll most likely pick up one or the other when our PS4 breaks down but at the moment I’m not seeing a compelling reason to pick one up (if I could even find one).

I think what would be most likely would be the Series S to get a cheaper console to use just for Halo and game pass but again there’s no compelling reason for me to do that just yet.

How are you feeling about next gen?

My game of the year is Animal Crossing

I never thought I’d be saying this but Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch is my game of 2020. It coincided with lockdown and has kept my brain occupied ever since. I’ve played a lot of PlayStation and whilst I’ve enjoyed games like Fall Guys none have gotten into me like Animal Crossing has.

My Switch was largely unused for the previous 6 months but has become a good friend to me this year. I’ve had it over 3 years and the battery only lasts a couple of hours now but it just keeps on going. In fact if it broke I’d get a Lite straight away, I’m that tied to the console now.

Anyway, Animal Crossing is relaxed and lets me build how I want and do anything I feel I need to as an escape. If I want to just pop in and do some fishing for 30 mins to take my mind off things I will. I haven’t built a massively complicated island just one that lets me wander around and enjoy.

It’s become good for my mental health and has worked it’s way into my daily routine.

Just a short post to get something off my mind here no big review, anyone else finding Animal Crossing has helped them this year?