Forget your blog statistics just enjoy writing

Over the last few months I’ve become less and less interested in the statistics of my site. I’m really pleased that month by month I’m seeing an increase in visits but I’d gotten to the point I was checking it obsessively. What I’ve found is that now I’ve taken a step back I’m writing more.Continue reading “Forget your blog statistics just enjoy writing”

LJPUK Stats 2018 roundup

Although I’m not setting the world alight with my content I’ve seen a steady increase in traffic since launching the new site on WordPress. I’m not talking hundreds of thousands but I’m in the tens of thousands now, which I’m pleased with. I’ve not marketed at all really just put out content that I’ve wantedContinue reading “LJPUK Stats 2018 roundup”

The WordPress iOS app needs some attention

I’ve been using the WordPress for iOS app for a while but lately it seems to be neglected. I’ve had these bugs for a while and the more I use it the more I’m getting frustrated. Here’s one example, if you embed images and try to type afterwards quite often you’ll not be able toContinue reading “The WordPress iOS app needs some attention”

Increase your blog traffic by stepping back from social media

Guess which day I deleted Twitter and Instagram from my iPhone… Yup, no surprise but deleting social media from my devices meant I shared on my blog more. What I used to microblog I was now giving to Twitter. Well coming off it has meant I’m back microblogging here – on my own domain. ifContinue reading “Increase your blog traffic by stepping back from social media”

Picking a WordPress theme to use with

Since I started playing with today it became quickly evident that not all themes support it properly. They let you see your posts but if you embed an image for example it won’t let you see it in your WordPress blog. After reading this it seemed to indicate that only WordPress default themes wouldContinue reading “Picking a WordPress theme to use with”