WordPress losing it’s way for traditional blogging

I’m starting to get concerned about WordPress. I’ve been happily using it for years but the service appears to be pitching to turn itself into a social media platform and it’s putting me off using it. In fact I’m starting to make moves to potentially closing my account. First up is the block editor. I’veContinue reading “WordPress losing it’s way for traditional blogging”

Should you use ads on your blog if you are an independent creator?

I’ve been messing a lot with monetisation of my content since I lost my full time job and I think after testing both WordAds and Adsense I’m coming to the conclusion that ads add unnecessary bloat to your site and if you’re an independent then seeking help via donations is the way to go. BasedContinue reading “Should you use ads on your blog if you are an independent creator?”

Is there too much friction to creating a newsletter?

I’ve been dabbling with newsletters for years but I always find there’s too much friction for me to stick to it. I work across iOS and macOS and all the solutions seem to inherit the same issues No native iOS app They are web based creation and sending that don’t always work particularly well onContinue reading “Is there too much friction to creating a newsletter?”

Purchasing a WordPress business account

I’ve decided to invest in a WordPress business plan, something that has been made possible thanks to donations to my blog (a massive thanks to everyone that has contributed). As an independent writer trying to make something of myself I’ve learned as I went along to be honest but with this extra time I haveContinue reading “Purchasing a WordPress business account”