Adding Google AdSense to my blog

Adding Google AdSense to the blog is something that I have resisted but along with my new WordPress business account came the addition of more functionality. I looked at what I had done in the past with Wordads (spoiler: it was terrible) but I wanted to give AdSense a go to help bring in some revenue to help me and the site.

I hope this isn’t too intrusive (please let me know if you see anything particularly dodgy) and helps fund the site and maybe some of my writing endeavours here. I didn’t add them everywhere so I’m hoping what I have done is manageable and given I think most of my core readers use RSS you shouldn’t see a change in experience.

Purchasing a WordPress business account

I’ve decided to invest in a WordPress business plan, something that has been made possible thanks to donations to my blog (a massive thanks to everyone that has contributed).

As an independent writer trying to make something of myself I’ve learned as I went along to be honest but with this extra time I have I’ve decided to use it positively and build the blog up a bit more and take advantage of the features to learn about plugins and a bit more about SEO.

I’m not sure where this takes me at the moment but I wanted to share the latest on where my head is at regarding the site.

Discounted sponsorship

I’ve just made the discounted price for sponsorship the usual starting price now. If you’d like your app or product to reach a very engaged and tech savvy audience please reach out.

This is a great way to help keep the site going and support independent voices on the internet.

The state of your side projects

This post by Matt Birchler really struck home with me today as I contemplate my own projects. My blog is small and whilst it is growing yearly I’m most probably going to be quieter as I look for a new day job.

I’m also looking at doing something different from writing, learn a new skill. I’m most probably going to put some effort into video more to learn new stuff.

It’s literally a brain dump at this point but I have time to learn new skills so it would be good to do it outside of my comfort zone.

Discounted sponsorships

I’ve been looking at alternatives to ads all over the site and a few months ago came up with sponsorship.

Well, it’s not going great being completely honest. So, I’m offering 50% off at the moment.

Here’s the details.

If you’re a developer or a business please reach out and help your app get to a like minded audience.

All this helps keeps the lights on.

WordAds aren’t worth the negative impact on your site

Since leaving my day job I turned on ads on this blog, via the inbuilt WordAds – managed by WordPress. I thought I’d be back writing this and here I am, in 3 months I’ve earned a total of $1.18. This helps pay 1/10 of my monthly phone bill i.e. not worth the impact on the trackers being enabled and the terrible terrible ads that WordAds serves you. If you are looking to work out your stats then it’ll be around a $0.10 CPM.

Even on a large site this isn’t going to bring in much money and will require other methods of monetisation like sponsorship.

For me I’m turning off ads straight after I’ve posted this and will need to rethink.

Something a little more colourful

I’ve not really been one to mess around with my blog too much but on looking at the moody grey I decided to put some colour into the site, I hope you like it.

I’ve also got a bright wallpaper and case on my iPhone, I need something right now to bring some colour into things.

Setting up Patreon

I’ve been messing with ads and looking at the income I could make (peanuts) and the way it made my site look and I’ve decided WordAds are not the way for me to go. I’ve not been picked up by any ad networks based on my traffic (like Carbon) so the only way I could see to get support is Patreon.

I’ve setup a shell page and started to think about tiers here.

This isn’t the ask for help just yet but as I always do, in the spirit of openness I wanted to share that I have some plans to look at how the community could support me and help keep the blog going and more importantly growing.

How to blog more

I thought I’d revisit this one after coming into taking another little social media break. I truly believe if you want to blog more then come off social media. I don’t mean delete your account, I mean delete the apps on your phone and replace them with your blogging platform app.

Anything you were going to share on social media would probably be best thinking about a bit more and turning into a blog post.

I also believe that coming out of the version of the world the social media companies want you to see isn’t a bad thing either.

I find that having less influence on what I’m told I want to see and influence from others helps me form my own opinion and come up with different takes on stories I want to write about.

Give it a go, 30 days with no social media but only blogging.

Writing and publishing to my blog using MarsEdit

I’ve been struggling with my workflow and in particular the devices that I am going to use in my day to day and might have hit a really nice writing workflow that will work out for me when I’m on macOS. When I switched back to the Mac I didn’t have a clue what apps to use outside of the core apps that come with macOS but I decided to find the right episode of Mac Power Users and get to customising my MacBook that I am going to use as my daily machine for now.

On listening I decided to install Setapp and wow it’s already proving to be a cost saver. I installed iStatMenu (to keep an eye on battery and to have a nice view of the time and weather in the menu bar), CleanMyMac (to let it take a look at how I can get the most out of this laptop in terms of managing space) and most importantly MarsEdit.

I’ve got it installed and connected to my WordPress blog, which I can publish to directly from this one app. The layout lets me write, add tags, categories and images all within one app that can be customised to my liking. 

It’s much nicer to use than the WordPress app on iOS and having the flexibility of being able to create short posts from my iPhone on the WordPress app and also this powerful app in MarsEdit is leaving me enthusiastic about sticking with this MacBook and adapting to it rather than jumping back in and replacing my iPad Pro.

I’ll update as I get more stuff done on macOS, I thought it might be interesting hearing about workflows from someone coming to the Mac from iPad.

Let me know some of your favourite Setapp apps.