Starting fresh with Todoist

After feeling overwhelmed using Reminders and testing out Things (still an accessibility nightmare) I’m starting from scratch with Todoist. I’ve decided to use Labels, Priorities and Projects to organise this time. It’s still a starter for ten but just wanted to share an initial setup. I’m not even cross referencing my other apps I’m justContinue reading “Starting fresh with Todoist”

Productivity app bankruptcy and setting deadlines

I feel like I reach this point every few months, overwhelmed with to do items that keep rolling over or get missed. I’ve been playing around with different apps a bit but it makes no difference I’m so busy I’m not able to keep on top of things. What I’ve come to realise is ItContinue reading “Productivity app bankruptcy and setting deadlines”

Using Apple Reminders to get things done

I’ve been doing a little experiment for the last couple of week, I’m back using Apple Reminders. I’ve been using Todoist for ages but when I recently got a new Apple Care+ replacement I decided to stick to some of the apps that came with iOS. Part of this is I’m a little bored ofContinue reading “Using Apple Reminders to get things done”