Are Apple ruining user experience to promote their own services?

Every time I open my iPad settings app I’m presented with this

It takes up a good portion of the screen on my iPad Mini and it got me thinking about the trend that I see with Apple promoting their own services within a core app. Personally I don’t like it, I’d much rather see them send you an email or other one time notification. For this one in particular I can say ‘set up later’ and it goes away for a short time but will pop back every few days, all I can do is wait for the offer to expire then I assume I’ll be presented with another offer. It feels very Samsung to me having used one for work, I’m hoping it doesn’t get too much worse.

How do you feel about these messages in settings?

How’s Apple doing?

Source: Six Colors

I always read these reports with interest and generally tends to line up with how I’m feeling about Apple.

Generally for me

  • Software quality is up, regardless of your thoughts on Big Sur design it’s a lot more stable and more performant
  • Hardware is reliable
  • Wearables up, mainly because of AirPods I think
  • Apple TV is stagnant
  • Can’t comment on the TV+ content as I don’t have it
  • iPhone a slight uptick, can’t comment but doesn’t look like 12 is a big leap

What do you think?

Are Apple laptops good value for money?

I haven’t bought a new Mac since 2016 and it got me thinking about a point I’ve been saying to friends over the years that Apple laptops are good value for money. Yes, the initial outlay is a bit more but they’ll outlast a PC bought the same year.

I still use a 2016 MacBook and it’s on the latest macOS version and is handling all of my job searching and video calls fine. I can even do music recording in Logic Pro and video editing in iMovie.

It’s true it won’t game well, but not many a Mac will unless you go top end. If you’re after gaming get a gaming PC but for 90% of the work you’re doing a Mac is going to last you years. I think 7-9 years on a Mac is easily doable.

Make sure you hit your full budget to get 16GB Ram if you can at the beginning of your purchase but other than that you’re good.

What’s your oldest Mac in use? Mine is a 2015 5K iMac.

My trust issues with Apple Reminders

I’m sure I’ll get blasted for continuing to beat this dead horse but I was actually enjoying using Reminders then this happened.

It’s showing that I have 4 items due today (I actually have 1) but the 3 it’s picked up are nothing. As you can see in the second image it’s showing 3 blank items.

I’ve checked iCloud and it all looks fine to me but iOS is showing these blank rows, even after a restart. Took logging in and out of iCloud to sort it out.

I feel that somewhere along the line of maybe beta testing or the Notes iCloud bug I encountered in iOS 13 (which resulted in a call to Apple engineering and a data reset) has somehow corrupted my Reminders database. But this highlights to me how fragile certain parts of iCloud still are.

Am I alone? I can’t put my trust in iCloud (at least for Reminders) going forward so I’ll most likely be dropping back to something else.

Making sense of the Apple M1

Source: AnandTech

It’s hard wrapping my head around what the M1 means for the Mac. There’s not much to compare it to and it’s still unclear how much RAM you’ll need on a machine. AnandTech have done a good job here by looking at the A14 and speculating.

The most exciting things from the new Apple M1 is bringing it closer to the iPad

I watched the Apple keynote yesterday where we found out what Apple has planned for bringing it’s own chips to the Mac line. M1 is the name and it’s pretty impressive but for me (as an iPad first user) the most exciting bits were how it’s coming closer to the iPad in a key areas.

First, seeing an instant on experience on the Mac is going to be huge. I have a 12″ MacBook and a 5K iMac at home and if they turned on as quickly as my iPad Pro I’d be happy. It’s probably my number one frustration when I go back to using my Mac.

Next is the battery, an extra 6 hours is going to be great. I charge my iPad Pro every couple of days and having the same on a MacBook of MacBook Pro is game changing for those in the field.

Lastly is the silent operation. Having a high powered laptop without a fan is pretty incredible. Remember this is just for the MacBook Air but I imagine the Pro is going to be very quiet.

I’m not in the market for one but I’m loving how this may also push the iPad development.

A Mac event to look forward to

10th November we get a little peek into what Apple has planned for their own processor based Mac lineup. As you know I’m iOS first but do use an iMac and MacBook too (you’ll be amazed how many recruitment systems don’t work in Safari on iOS). My go to platform is iOS but I’m looking forward to the possibilities of bringing an iPad like processor to something that doesn’t need to worry about battery consumption.

It’s speed might be phenomenal, it could have a touchscreen (eventually), it’ll run iOS apps, it’ll have much better battery life on the MacBook, it should be cheaper and it’ll also push iOS.

Fingers crossed we see something interesting and innovative.

Why is Apple making the iPhone less repairable?

Source: iFixit

This is a weird one, why would Apple make the camera a non repairable (on your own or third party non authorised third party) effectively a non replaceable part?

I get this with FaceID etc but why a camera module? Seems a strange one and when your 12 gets old or broken you won’t be able to swap out the camera module on your own or a trusted third party. It doesn’t help Apple’s case on being more environmentally conscious either, I cannot get my head around it.

Any ideas?

Got a problem with your AirPods Pro?

Apple have just created an extended repair program for AirPods Pro where they’ll cover them for 2 years. If you have any of the issues described in the link then reach out to Apple. I’ll test mine to make sure they are free of this issue but nice to know you’ll get some extra coverage.