Why Apple News+ didn’t make it past the free trial

Apple News+ launched here in the UK this month and I didn’t keep it past the free trial, here’s why. Supporting magazines is something I did 10 years ago by having annual subscriptions to several UK based ones. Since moving to reading on smaller blogs and finding new voices that I trusted I stopped readingContinue reading “Why Apple News+ didn’t make it past the free trial”

What’s up with the Apple News Today view?

I’ve given up using Apple News, mainly because of the Today view that is constantly broken for me. Mine only shows everything from days ago not today. Even though my sites themselves have newer stories the Today view never updates. I’ve got back to actually reading the sites via the DuckDuckGo browser. Anyone else?

Has Apple News gotten worse?

As I’ve noticed Apple News slowly getting worse over the last few months I’ve started to look at other sources of news and forums. I’m late to the party but I installed Apollo and have Given Reddit a go. I have to say that it’s now completely replaced Apple News for me. I’ve found subredditsContinue reading “Has Apple News gotten worse?”