My iPad Pro iPadOS 14 Home Screen

Not posted an iPad Home Screen in a while so thought I would update you all on what my iPadOS 14 Home Screen looks like.

Few of my current key apps

  • Standard Apple Calendar, been my go to now for a little while. I like the widget on iOS and to be honest I don’t really launch the app that much
  • Todoist, been using this for a month or so now and it’s been a solid To Do app for me. I like the widget and the app is a very clean experience
  • Reeder 4, for my RSS feeds
  • Amazon Music, can’t beat 99p for 4 months and it’s been great. Even quicker than Apple Music at downloading music too, can see me sticking even outside of the offer window
  • WordPress for my writing, like this very post

Everything else gets used now and then but these are the key apps I use my iPad for.

A real world iPhone 12 Pro review

Source: iMore

I always prefer a review that catalogues someone’s use of a device in real world situations. It’s what I try to do here and Daniel Bader writing at iMore has done an excellent job writing up his experience of using one.

It’s definitely got me thinking more about losing that telephoto lens if I move from my 11 Pro to a 12 Mini, I take kids and pets photos all of the time.

Great review.

The PS5 controller looks pretty neat

Source: MKBHD

It’s nice to see SONY have done something a bit different with the PS5 controller, not going to be a system seller but cool nonetheless. For me personally I turn off any controller feedback to save battery and also be less distracting. I’m not sure what it is but I just find feedback on the controller to be annoying – just me?

Next generation console confusion

Source: The Verge

This post highlights some of the confusion that I’m feeling about the next generation of consoles. I was already set (and had preordered) the PS5 but have since cancelled in light of my work situation but regardless I’m struggling to understand what will work and what won’t.

My current PS4 Pro will play one of my most anticipated games in Spider-man Miles Morales but the upgrade path to what will work on PS5 if purchased on PS4 is mind boggling. I’ve worked in IT for over 20 years and can’t get my head around it all!

I am now looking at the XBOX Series X for my next generation choice (given game passed choice of games and saving I can make) and I still can’t completely figure out if the Halo series will play on the Series X if I got one.

Anyone else holding off to see how it pans out?

iPhone 12 Mini vs original iPhone SE

I wasn’t expecting them to be this close in size. On the left we have an iPhone 12 Mini case and on the right the original iPhone SE.

Observations on the iPhone 12 Mini

  • Typing is going to be cramped if you’re used to the iPhone X series size
  • For me I still can’t reach all of the corners
  • It’ll fit in your pocket amazingly
  • This could be the phone to get!

I’m still very interested in this one if I can fund a review unit.

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