Glass is becoming a boring place for photography

I’ve been wondering what’s been off about my recent use of Glass since the introduction of likes (or appreciation as they call it) and Andy nailed it. Since this move I’ve had zero comments on my photography. It’s really changed the way that I’ve experienced the app and I’m now thinking I’ll just leave theContinue reading “Glass is becoming a boring place for photography”

The iPhone 13 Mini has me wanting an iPad again

At the moment my setup is a MacBook Air and and iPhone 13 Mini, which seems to suit me fine but… I’ve been thinking about adding an iPad back into the line up. I’ve been enjoying using iOS a lot and whilst the MacBook Air is great for my zoom calls and writing it’s notContinue reading “The iPhone 13 Mini has me wanting an iPad again”

Yes, I’m still using the iPhone 13 Mini

It’s been pretty much a month now with the iPhone 13 Mini and it’s still my daily device. I’m still within my return window but right now I see me keeping it. The battery life is great, my RSI is improved, the camera is fantastic and I can use it one handed. I went backContinue reading “Yes, I’m still using the iPhone 13 Mini”

Are smartphone ergonomics more important than specs?

Since switching to the iPhone 13 Mini from the 11 I have noticed an improvement in my RSI and when I have used my 11 it’s come back pretty quickly. This got me thinking about my journey with the iPhone 11 Pro to the 11 where it was about comfort i.e. the bigger screen overContinue reading “Are smartphone ergonomics more important than specs?”

The iPhone is a pretty great point and shoot Astro camera

I’ve been wanting to do more around night sky images but struggle with manual settings on my DSLR (I’m not too proud to say I run it in auto most of the time, it’s no big deal). I saw a nice clear morning sky out of the window, grabbed my iPhone 13 Mini and tookContinue reading “The iPhone is a pretty great point and shoot Astro camera”

Glass adds a like button

In an announcement yesterday, Glass have added an appreciation option for photos. Initially I was against this and worried that it might be the start of a path to adding like counts and for me at least it’s one of the reasons I moved away from other social services and don’t check notifications on Twitter.Continue reading “Glass adds a like button”

4 years with the Nintendo Switch

I’ve realised looking at my journal that I’ve had the Nintendo Switch for over 4 years now and I wanted to share some thoughts about how I’m feeling about it now. I’ve always loved my portables ever since the Sega Game Gear (I traded in my Sega Master System for one) back on the launchContinue reading “4 years with the Nintendo Switch”