I’ve owned the PSVR since launch and now we are over 9 months on I wanted to share my thoughts on whether it was a good purchase and if it’s worth investing in yourself. Spoiler: it’s not worth the investment. When it launched and for quite a few weeks afterwards I was loving playing jobContinue reading “IS PSVR (PLAYSTATION VR) WORTH BUYING?”

Sphero R2-D2: Initial impressions

I’ve had about 2 hours with the Sphero R2-D2 so wanted to share a few of my thoughts on using it so far. (For context I already own the Sphero BB-8 and am using on iOS). The box is beautifully made and the unboxing experience is a step up from BB-8 Couldn’t see any instructionsContinue reading “Sphero R2-D2: Initial impressions”