The most exciting things from the new Apple M1 is bringing it closer to the iPad

I watched the Apple keynote yesterday where we found out what Apple has planned for bringing it’s own chips to the Mac line. M1 is the name and it’s pretty impressive but for me (as an iPad first user) the most exciting bits were how it’s coming closer to the iPad in a key areas.

First, seeing an instant on experience on the Mac is going to be huge. I have a 12″ MacBook and a 5K iMac at home and if they turned on as quickly as my iPad Pro I’d be happy. It’s probably my number one frustration when I go back to using my Mac.

Next is the battery, an extra 6 hours is going to be great. I charge my iPad Pro every couple of days and having the same on a MacBook of MacBook Pro is game changing for those in the field.

Lastly is the silent operation. Having a high powered laptop without a fan is pretty incredible. Remember this is just for the MacBook Air but I imagine the Pro is going to be very quiet.

I’m not in the market for one but I’m loving how this may also push the iPad development.

The 2019 iPad Mini is still great

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, learning and job hunting and I’ve rediscovered how great the latest iPad Mini is. I’m on the phone or making notes on my CV and I’m finding that moving back to the Mini has been a great experience. For quickly looking at a job specification or making some notes whilst on a call to a recruiter it’s small form factor combined with the Logitech Crayon really does turn it into a little notebook.

I’m in the process of creating a journaling system using Notability and the iPad Mini actually, I’ll share once I’m done. I’m thinking it’s time to walk away from actual pen and paper and use the Mini as my replacement.

The Mandalorian Chapter 10 felt a lot like the Clone Wars (and that’s a good thing)

I won’t be spoiling the show yet, I’ve really enjoyed season 2 so far and the latest might be one of my favourites. If you watched the clone wars (and why haven’t you?) you’ll know we get a series of episodes following an arc then a completely different episode in a different part of the galaxy or with a little side quest.

This felt like it could have been an episode of the clone wars series, a fun adventure on the path to something bigger.

It combines some of the best elements of Star Wars – family, humour and action.

The Mandalorian continues to be a series we all sit down and watch (multiple times) as a family and look forward to every week.

You can still buy a launch day iPhone 12 Mini

I’m surprised that you can still buy an iPhone 12 Mini for launch day. I was expecting it to sell out first but it looks like the Pro Max is more popular at this point.

Now I’m not sure if people are being more frugal or if Apple have made enough or it’s just not selling.

We’ll never know the sales numbers but I’m curious to see how it goes with this model.

Setting up Apple Reminders

After iOS 14.2 and the update to the Reminders widget (to allow you to see more than one task in the smaller widget) I thought I’d dip back into the app. I’m testing alongside others but here’s how I’m setting up my structure.

I’d forgotten about the ability to create sub projects so I created categories as the above image.

I don’t have a problem with the app, it’s the iCloud sync that seems to not work between macOS and iOS for me but I’m willing to give it another go.

I’ll report back in with my setup and experience soon.

I’m not preordering an iPhone 12 Mini or Pro Max

I’ve been thinking a lot about the two new iPhone models coming up for preorder tomorrow. I’d had it set in my mind that I’d order a Mini and not think about it but with my current job situation and Christmas I can’t justify any purchases regardless of how little it might be with a trade of my iPhone 11 Pro.

I’m also a little concerned about

  • Losing the 2x telephoto
  • How bad the 12 Mini battery life might turn out to be

So for the Mini I’m holding out until I get financially stable. But, if a review unit or donation works out I’ll pick one up to review.

In the Pro Max I’m sure the camera will have me wishing I could test one but I had an 11 Pro Max for a couple of weeks and it was too unwieldy for me.

I keep coming back to my current 11 Pro is great. I get the telephoto, great battery life and an amazing camera.

Do you have any plans?