Do I still trust Apple?

There’s been a lot said in the press and on social media after Apple admitted they slow down hardware with less than optimal batteries. It’s now resulted in them publicly apologising and reducing the cost of their battery replacement service. I’m left thinking do I still trust them? Well, in a nutshell yes. They statedContinue reading “Do I still trust Apple?”


I’ve owned the PSVR since launch and now we are over 9 months on I wanted to share my thoughts on whether it was a good purchase and if it’s worth investing in yourself. Spoiler: it’s not worth the investment. When it launched and for quite a few weeks afterwards I was loving playing jobContinue reading “IS PSVR (PLAYSTATION VR) WORTH BUYING?”

WordPress vs Squarespace (iOS)

If you have been following me you’ll know that this week I made the switch to WordPress from Squarespace. I wanted to start to share my experience of doing this, especially coming from an already established blog and platform. One of the reasons I switched was Squarespace’s lack of commitment to iOS. The site editingContinue reading “WordPress vs Squarespace (iOS)”