iPhone battery replacement experience

I popped into the Apple store yesterday for a battery replacement, here’s my experience. I also had a screen issue so my case might be a little different, who knows. Apple are running a diagnostic and my battery came up as ok. I was then given the choice to replace it or not. So, expectContinue reading “iPhone battery replacement experience”

Is the iPhone X camera worth the cost of entry?

As part of me trying out the iPhone X for 6 weeks I spent a lot of time testing the camera. For me, getting the best camera available to me was the number 1 driver. I love taking photos on my iPhone and had previously enjoyed portrait mode in my brief time with the 7Continue reading “Is the iPhone X camera worth the cost of entry?”

Switching to OmniFocus

I’ve been using a mixture of Todoist and Reminders but now I’m into 2018 I’ve decided to make a switch back to OmniFocus. Todoist was fine but it’s update to include little illustrations didn’t sit well with me. Reminders is ok for basics but not to plan a lot of projects. So, I made theContinue reading “Switching to OmniFocus”

Biggest letdowns of 2017

I’ve shared my favourite things so here are my biggest letdowns. Star Wars Battlefront II : I don’t think I need to highlight the loot crate situation that highlighted EA’s greed to everyone. Yes, this was a big reason but also the first person mode in game felt broken. Confusing customisation and weird UX justContinue reading “Biggest letdowns of 2017”