How to stay up to date with Star Wars Celebration at home

This week marks the start of Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, something definitely on my bucket list but not this year unfortunately. There’ll be some big announcements and panels for this one and here’s how I’m keeping up to date. First off you can check the official site. This’ll show key timings and events. TheContinue reading “How to stay up to date with Star Wars Celebration at home”

Appreciating the Star Wars prequels

It’s 20 years ago this year that we saw the first of the prequels and as time has gone on I’ve come to appreciate what George Lucas was trying to achieve even the execution wasn’t all to my liking. When I saw them originally I was in University, an original trilogy fan and had highContinue reading “Appreciating the Star Wars prequels”

Which order should I watch Star Wars movies?

I’m planning on some content changes and want to talk more about some of my other passions. A big one is Star Wars, it’s been a constant through my life and I wanted to share my love for the series more. In preparing for this year I wanted to do a rewatch, writing down myContinue reading “Which order should I watch Star Wars movies?”

Bandai Boba Fett 1/12 scale

I imported this model a while ago and it’s taken me at least 8 months to get around to it but thanks to being off work I managed to complete it finally. It’s all snap together and took me about 2 hours all in all. Next up I’ll be trying my hand at painting beforeContinue reading “Bandai Boba Fett 1/12 scale”

Don’t expect Disney+ in the UK

Sadly when I read the following I dreaded thinking about what might happen for us in the UK. Notice launch in the US. For a Star Wars fan looking forward to The Mandalorian it’s got me worried. I’m thinking that Disney will instead push TV onto their SKY channels as they did for Rebels, alienatingContinue reading “Don’t expect Disney+ in the UK”