An open world Star Wars game – Yes please

Wow, this is great news as a massive Star Wars fan and gamer. I love open world games and am currently working my way through Red Dead Redemption II in an attempt to finally finish the story instead of getting side tracked, but this is what I love most about open world games.

Yeah I’d love to see Rockstar have a go but UBISOFT is fine with me, getting a break from EA is going to be a good thing for the Star Wars universe of games.

Being thankful for The Mandalorian Season 2 in 2020

I’m not spoiling anything in this post but wow I’m glad we got this season, especially in 2020.

Sitting down with my family every Friday has been one of the highlights of the year and something I’ve needed. It’s been a great distraction with being out of work to think about the last episode and what we could get next.

I’m a fan of all of Star Wars, yes I have my favourites but largely I just want to live in the universe regardless of the era.

This season has blasted through my expectations and I’ll be straight on a rewatch of both seasons.

The Mandalorian Chapter 10 felt a lot like the Clone Wars (and that’s a good thing)

I won’t be spoiling the show yet, I’ve really enjoyed season 2 so far and the latest might be one of my favourites. If you watched the clone wars (and why haven’t you?) you’ll know we get a series of episodes following an arc then a completely different episode in a different part of the galaxy or with a little side quest.

This felt like it could have been an episode of the clone wars series, a fun adventure on the path to something bigger.

It combines some of the best elements of Star Wars – family, humour and action.

The Mandalorian continues to be a series we all sit down and watch (multiple times) as a family and look forward to every week.

The Mandalorian is back!

Don’t worry I’m not spoiling anything in my posts yet but wow what a start to season 2! It’s really hard not to talk about it as I’m very conscious of ruining it for anyone. To me just seeing the first episode and it looks like we are delving deeper into some key species and characters and the budget looks to have had a boost too – WOW!

The Mandalorian Season 2 gets a release date

The first season of The Mandalorian sits alongside The Clone Wars as some of my favourite Star Wars content and we finally have a date for season 2 – 30th October 2020.

I’m really looking forward to seeing where they take the series given how well received it’s been and where it left off (no spoilers).


A deep dive into Rogue One

Source: Star Wars Minute Podcast

I’ve recently picked up a few new Star Wars podcasts and one of my current favourites is Star Wars minute. At the moment they are deep diving each minute of Rogue One, which is one of my favourite bits of Disney era content. It’s fascinating, especially the most recent where they have the screenwriter himself talking insights and thoughts behind filming decisions.

If you’re into film at all I think it’s worth a listen, but even more if like me you’re obsessed with Star Wars.

The quickest way to level up in Star Wars Battlefront 2

I’ve been playing Battlefront 2 for ages now but only just discovered the best mode to use to level up quickly and also get in some practise.

This is coop, a 4 player online team vs the AI. You join a team from any of the eras you select and then go up against wave after wave of computer controlled opponents. I’m seeing that on average in galactic assault I’ll maybe average 6000 points per game, with coop I’ll get on average 20,000. I’ll also get a lot more hits so levelling up weapons and gaining challenges is a lot easier.

It’s also quite a lot of fun, especially levelling up the Ewoks and your hero or villain of choice.