Figuring out my use of social networks

Wow, my iPhone has suddenly gotten full of social networking apps. I’m struggling a bit to keep up to be honest. Here’s what I’m currently doing. Facebook: no active account Instagram: no account at all Twitter: used for sharing my posts, replying to tweets and checking engagement Mastodon: Starting to replace Twitter as my dayContinue reading “Figuring out my use of social networks”

Twitter adds API, loses users

You’ve probably read by now that Twitter is introducing new API’s that result in third party apps (like my favourite Tweetbot) losing functionality and being charged to effectively keep their customer base using their apps. This is another move that is slowly but surely meant to see the end of all third party apps andContinue reading “Twitter adds API, loses users”

Taking a step back from Twitter

Twitter seems incapable of acting in a way that gives me confidence that they actually care about their user base. I’m not going to get political in my blog but their inability to act on certain accounts has me not wanting to benefit their platform with my content. Don’t get me wrong, I do getContinue reading “Taking a step back from Twitter”