Apple developing new Apple TV with HomePod functionality and a camera?

I think that if this report by Mark Gurman at Bloomberg is to be believed Apple are developing a new ‘home’ product that combines an Apple TV, HomePod and Camera to use FaceTime and I think it’s about time. It makes perfect sense to have something that we could use instead of crowding around theContinue reading “Apple developing new Apple TV with HomePod functionality and a camera?”

No more North Face gear for me

I couldn’t believe what I’ve been reading being a fan of North Face stuff for a while but no longer. I always thought they were pretty ethical but based on this performance I can’t figure out why they would think this is an ok thing to do.

Thoughts on a foldable phone

I haven’t watched all of Samsung’s latest event but I did see the new Galaxy Fold, what a name… anyway a foldable $2000 smartphone is something I wanted to comment on. My first impression when seeing it on the livestream was, wow that’s just two phones stuck together. It’s kind of cool to see somethingContinue reading “Thoughts on a foldable phone”