What does digital minimalism mean to me?

This year I really wanted to try to be more intentional about how I’m using my technology. The first step was to read through Cal Newport’s book on the subject. I’m in the process of working through a digital declutter, where I’m taking breaks from various activities that have been time sucks or raised myContinue reading “What does digital minimalism mean to me?”

Using the smartphone as a tool

I’ve been playing with various iPhone models over the last couple of months and settled on the iPhone 7. It’s really helped me be more intentional about my mobile computing and I think helped me get a bit more focus, be in the moment and be ok with my own thoughts I.e. be bored. I’mContinue reading “Using the smartphone as a tool”

Declaring creative project bankruptcy

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about new projects and what I’ve currently got going on. I’m good at starting them with ideas and going all in but struggle to be consistent and keep them going. I currently have this blog, the home screens podcast, a Star Wars newsletter, I play guitar and aContinue reading “Declaring creative project bankruptcy”

Focussing (and keeping going) on your own projects

I’ve found over the years that I tend to look over at other creative projects wishing that I’d gained some of their success or comparing myself to others. This often leads me down a path of wondering why I’m bothering but as times gone on I’ve come to accept what I’m doing and looking atContinue reading “Focussing (and keeping going) on your own projects”

Being more intentional, keeping distractions off your smartphone

One thing I’ve realised in looking at my screen time since I lost my day job was that it’s gone very much in the wrong direction. I’m spending too much time in social media apps like Twitter and Reddit and less time on creating new things. I’ve decided to make my iPhone use a lotContinue reading “Being more intentional, keeping distractions off your smartphone”