Started listening to digital minimalism, interesting so far. After staring it though I’m suddenly noticing everyone with their heads in their phones.

Back to deleting social media apps off my iPhone (aside from to allow me to update my blog like its my social feed. Just keeping them on my iPad Mini. Going back down the rabbit holes of social and too much information. Reddit also gone from all devices.

Turning off comments

I’ve been getting so much spam recently that outweighed the good ones so I’ve followed most blogs and turned off comments on the blog. I have had them on and off for a while but whilst managing spam today I’ve turned them off for good. Thanks to everyone that has commented in the past.

Building a prompted shortcut to help me with daily journal practice. Hoping I can get it to ask me daily questions and put it my well-being journal in day one. Planning out with pencil and Noteability before I dive in.

All the rumours are true – Cuphead is very hard… I’m about 1/2 an hour in and not completed a single level but having fun. It’s one of the most unique games I’ve ever played.

Since packing up the iPad and putting it away to send back I’ve been using the Switch to watch YouTube. It’s a great little device for playing games and watching content.