Its time for Apple to ditch app labels

I look at my home screen and generally I’m happy but I look at those app labels and wish there was an option to remove them. This shouldn’t be the default behaviour but I’d like a user option to remove all app and folder labels. It looks much cleaner and I never have to useContinue reading “Its time for Apple to ditch app labels”

It’s time for Apple to review it’s iCloud storage tiers

With WWDC upon us I’m doing my annual review of what I’m storing in iCloud. When I did it struck me how limited Apple still are in terms of offerings. Here’s my storage, I pay £6.99 a month for my almost 400GB of storage, where’s the 500GB option? Whilst I’m at it I also thoughtContinue reading “It’s time for Apple to review it’s iCloud storage tiers”

Twitter adds API, loses users

You’ve probably read by now that Twitter is introducing new API’s that result in third party apps (like my favourite Tweetbot) losing functionality and being charged to effectively keep their customer base using their apps. This is another move that is slowly but surely meant to see the end of all third party apps andContinue reading “Twitter adds API, loses users”

Non Spoiler Infinity War review

I’ve seen Infinity War twice now and wanted to share my thoughts on it now that I have had some time to digest everything. First off I’ll come straight out say it’s in my top 3 MCU movies along with Winter Soldier and Civil War – these are in no particular order by the way.Continue reading “Non Spoiler Infinity War review”