Can I ditch my DSLR for an iPhone X?

I’ve written on and off about my experiences with the iPhone X and how it’s the one iPhone I’ve struggled to get used to. If you remember my one main draw to the iPhone X was the camera, it’s amazing. I loved having portrait available on a smaller device and made use of the zoomContinue reading “Can I ditch my DSLR for an iPhone X?”

Write about what gets you excited

I’ve been blogging and freelance writing since 2008 and over the years I’ve gone through phases of trying to “make it” as a journalist and realising there’s no future in it as a career and take it as a hobby. I’ve moved platforms several times and tried to branch out to a newsletter. I’ve comeContinue reading “Write about what gets you excited”

Should you buy Apple Care + for the HomePod?

With any Apple purchase I have to have that internal dialogue of “Do I really need Apple Care +?”. On something like an iPad Pro or iPhone X the answer is an obvious YES but on a device that lives at home what should you do? I chose YES and I feel that if likeContinue reading “Should you buy Apple Care + for the HomePod?”

Is SIRI any good on the HomePod?

I’m in a love hate relationship with SIRI. Up until I got the HomePod I’d all but stopped using it on my iPhone, frustrated at the limitations and lack of seemingly being able to understand me. It was another story in the car though, with CarPlay I was using it all the time to getContinue reading “Is SIRI any good on the HomePod?”

Where is Star Wars Rebels Season 4 On iTunes?

I’ve been a fan of rebels since its launch, its in its final season and no word on the iTunes release. Last year I picked up the season pass and watched episodes as they were coming out in the states but this year it’s not available. It’s not a great move from Disney for usContinue reading “Where is Star Wars Rebels Season 4 On iTunes?”

iPhone battery replacement experience

I popped into the Apple store yesterday for a battery replacement, here’s my experience. I also had a screen issue so my case might be a little different, who knows. Apple are running a diagnostic and my battery came up as ok. I was then given the choice to replace it or not. So, expectContinue reading “iPhone battery replacement experience”