Where is Star Wars Rebels Season 4 On iTunes?

I’ve been a fan of rebels since its launch, its in its final season and no word on the iTunes release. Last year I picked up the season pass and watched episodes as they were coming out in the states but this year it’s not available.

It’s not a great move from Disney for us non satellite owning U.K. fans. We are going to know the end before the season airs.

I’m eagerly awaiting some news but the silence makes me think we’ll get it after the season finishes. Meaning you are going to have to avoid the internet not to spoil the entire series.

I’m disappointed at Disney on this one.

iPhone battery replacement experience

I popped into the Apple store yesterday for a battery replacement, here’s my experience.

I also had a screen issue so my case might be a little different, who knows.

Apple are running a diagnostic and my battery came up as ok. I was then given the choice to replace it or not.

So, expect your iPhone to be tested but even if it passes you’ll be able to get it changed.

iPhone 7 vs iPhone X

Having spent some time with both my current jet black iPhone 7 and the new iPhone X I wanted to share some thoughts on the differences I’m noticing day to day.

  • Size: The iPhone 7 seems almost too small to me now, amazing how nice the X size is for my hands
  • In hand feel: I’d always loved the feel of my jet black model but in the hand the X is less slippery
  • iOS: Using 3D Touch to app switch is more natural for me and control Center much easier to access on the iPhone 7
  • Weight: iPhone X isn’t heavy but the lighter iPhone 7 is nicer to pocket
  • TouchID: Is quicker for me, unlocking as it comes out of my pocket
  • Charging: I miss Qi charging

Just a few thoughts on going back to last years model.

Declaring app bankruptcy

I’m at a point in my technology that I have pretty much what I want from a hardware perspective (still debating my iPhone decision BTW) but have found flaws (I might be too picky!) in almost every app that I use that is supposed to make my life easier to manage. Be it privacy concerns, UI issues, rubbish Apple Watch apps or workflows I haven’t found anything that sticks.

I’ve decided to declare APP BANKRUPTCY.

In this I mean that I am taking away most of the apps off my iPhone and sticking with stock and iCloud sync, something that has worked well for me (sync reliability that is). I am fed up with relying on third parties to implement new features or delving into their mostly vague privacy statements.

I’ll keep you all updated on my progress but on iOS (where I do 90% of my writing and hobbies) I’ll be using only Apple sync and apps

  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Calendar
  • Music

Wish me luck and I’ll report back.

How do you feel about your choice of apps?

iPhone X features I miss

I’m so conflicted about the iPhone X, now I’m back on the iPhone 7 I’m finding I actually miss a few features that I didn’t think I would.

  • Screen: I feel a bit boxed in now on my 4.7″ screen. You do tend to only focus on the middle portion but being able to see all my calendar entries on one page etc was a good feature. I also miss full screen YouTube and Netflix viewing.
  • Zoom on the camera: I didn’t quite realise how much I used the 2 x optical zoom day to day.
  • Extra keyboard space: Got to be honest, I’m feeling a little cramped on my iPhone 7 keyboard. I’m adjusting ok and is definitely a first world problem but I’m getting cramp. I’m actually finding my RSI is getting worse now I’m on a slightly narrower iPhone.
  • Qi charging: I’ve been using the Anker Qi charger next to our entertainment system and didn’t realise how convenient it was. With my iPhone 7 I’m running out of juice halfway through the day mainly because I’m out of the habit already of plugging it in somewhere.

Maybe I’ll revisit in a month or so but this year is one of the most conflicted I’ve been about an iPhone purchase in the 10 years since it was introduced.

Is the iPhone X camera worth the cost of entry?

As part of me trying out the iPhone X for 6 weeks I spent a lot of time testing the camera.

For me, getting the best camera available to me was the number 1 driver. I love taking photos on my iPhone and had previously enjoyed portrait mode in my brief time with the 7 Plus.

I’ve found the camera on the X to be on par with the 7 Plus.

  • Low light on par with my 7 (in my testing)
  • Portrait mode continues to impress me and I miss it on my 7, nowhere near my Canon 70D though
  • I don’t take selfies…

I ultimately chose to use my Canon more and save myself £1400 for now.

If you don’t own a DSLR and want to invest in having the best phone camera you can get (within the Apple ecosystem) then the iPhone X is going to be a good buy.

Is Solo being delayed?

Whilst looking at my list of films for 2018 it got me thinking, why aren’t we seeing anything Solo related? We are only 4 or 5 months out and we haven’t even seen a teaser. All we have is photos from Ron Howard on set.

I’m thinking one thing, there is a delay.

With The Last Jedi just out and a change of director it makes sense to me that they delay by a few months. I’m thinking it gets shifted to September, just makes the end of the summer.

If there isn’t a trailer by the end of January it’s getting delayed.