Day Trip: Snow shots with the iPhone X

I’ve had the chance to play with the iPhone X for a couple of months and wanted to do a series on my experiences using it day to day. We had some good snow here in the UK and thought it would be a good place to start. These are all shot on the iPhoneContinue reading “Day Trip: Snow shots with the iPhone X”

Could Disney reboot the X-Men?

Since Disney picked some of Fox along with it came a raft of Marvel characters such as Deadpool and the X-Men. As a bit of an X-Men fan it got me thinking about the state of the existing film series and whether they could get a reboot. Let’s be honest there hasn’t been a goodContinue reading “Could Disney reboot the X-Men?”

Starting something new…

I’ve decided to leave my old blog at Squarespace and start something new over here on WordPress.  There are several reasons for this WordPress is more iOS friendly and shows commitment to keeping their apps updated (especially as I go more iOS native) Blogging is better, yes there are more templates and options for aContinue reading “Starting something new…”

Squarespace isn’t good for bloggers

I’m feeling a little abandoned by Squarespace (as a blogger) at the moment. All of their new templates and focus seem to be on serving the business market rather than individual bloggers. Their apps are also very slow to update, especially their blogging app. That’s one of the reasons I’m writing this from an iPhoneContinue reading “Squarespace isn’t good for bloggers”