Hi, I’m Lee Peterson.  I live in rural Gloucestershire in the UK.

I have over 20 years of experience working in the software industry (in database development, senior management and technical consultancy). I have worked for companies big and small and worked in the UK and abroad, including a 4 month project working with a large telco in Hyderabad, India. My main experience is around Customer Originations, Management and Collections software but have also worked with small app developers to help with UI, testing and app store placement.

As a side gig I have been blogging, freelance writing and podcasting since 2008. As a freelance writer I have contributed to Cult of Mac, Future Publishing’s Tap!, The Loop Magazine, The App Factor and Run Around Tech.

On this site you’ll mostly see me writing about Apple, Apps, Productivity and Star Wars.

Please see my Portfolio here.

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Where did LJPUK come from?

It’s my initials with the country I’m from and seemed to stick, it’s also nice and easy to remember!