Using the Apple Care Express Replacement Service (ERS)

So, I’m typing this on a new iPhone 13 Mini. I’ve been happily using my iPhone 13 Mini for over a year but when my phone disconnected from Bluetooth and I heard the sound coming from the speakers I realised something was wrong. On listening to more audio I realised that they were really badly distorted. I contacted Apple via the support site chat and was given the option of a full replacement (nice!) so they put a hold on my credit card and shipped me one out immediately.

The phone comes via UPS and comes in a package with a plain cardboard box, sim removal tool and instructions.

For the old one you simply clear it down, put it in this packaging and arrange pick up via the included label.

A plus side of this is I also have a new battery, my previous one was at 96%. I’m not sure what my options would have been without Apple Care + but I paid nothing for this replacement. I was expecting to be sent to the Apple Store but was pleasantly surprised I had this option.

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