Starting a bullet journal

I decided this week after another dose of daily overwhelm to start a bullet journal. As I’ve gotten to understand how I work best I’ve realised that digital tools are too much of a distraction for me and I need to both write things down and be able to organise things how I want.

The beauty of this method is I can use any notebook (I’m using this one) I want and by using an index I can organise anyway that I want.

I’ve gone with the recommended way as I get going

  • Number all my pages
  • Create an index page
  • The future log (divide 4 pages into 3 sections and label each with a month)
  • The monthly log (left page is the calendar schedule) and right is the tasks you want to do that month
  • The daily log (simply write the date and then what you want to get done each day)
  • Collections (think of it like groups of similar or a project), so I have one for my blog writing down ideas for posts

That’s it for now whilst I figure out how I want to organise. I’m thinking of adding a habit tracker but for now I’m happy with how I have it.

Got any tips for a newbie?

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