When does the iPhone become too expensive?

I don’t follow the rumours too closely these days but increasing the prices of the iPhone Pro models to further extend it past the Plus model seems like it’s on the cards. Here in the UK the Pro is already over £1000, which to me is too expensive especially if you’re looking at a year over year upgrade. I used to be on this schedule but a combination of phones being too heavy and thinking about the environmental impacts of doing this I’ve held back lately, sticking to the 13 series again last year.

The only thing I can think of is that Apple expects the majority of buyers to buy on a payment plan or the upgrade program. Not recommended, especially in this cost of living crisis.

Paying more for a phone than a MacBook still makes me step back. No matter what camera advancements are made it’s still no match for a dedicated point and shoot for instance. It feels like we are already at peak smartphone and unless we get a foldable I’m not seeing where the value is in paying £1200+ for an iPhone.

My only exception is buying used and trading in an old device to help pay for it. Buying refurbished is also great for the impacts of it being produced in the first place. This is something I try to do where I can.

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