Switching from the iPhone 14 Pro Max to the iPhone 13 Mini

As a user of the iPhone mini form factor, these thoughts about switching from an iPhone 14 Pro Max to iPhone 13 mini for a week from Matt Birchler were really insightful.

I’m glad he linked to my post (thanks Matt BTW) about using it in zoom mode because (1) I want someone at Apple to take notice (2) I am not alone in my thinking (3) it reminded me that I was selling my iPhone 13 mini and not posted it yet lol…

As someone that relies on zoom mode it’s really a no go for me now and an XS or 11 might be on the cards after I see the Google Pixel 7a announcement (more on that another time maybe).

“The reduced size and weight also help me appreciate the flat edge design introduced in the iPhone 12 lineup. I disliked it straight from the start with the 12 Pro, and I hated it when I went to the Max for the 13 and 14 generations. It looks great, but digs into my hand to the point it feels like this phone was made to be as uncomfortable as possible. The lower weight, smaller size, and slightly rounded corners on the 13 mini solve all my issues and it feels great in the hand, even without a case.”

I couldn’t agree with this more, whenever I’ve used a “regular” sized iPhone of any of the newer generations I’ve hated it and it has started some RSI for me. The mini means I don’t even think about how uncomfortable it is and I often don’t use a case. It’s the only reason I stay on this form factor. I am using my DSLR and point and shoot camera’s more and more now so maybe now I use my iPhone less I just keep the mini – question for another day but the thought of having a large phone again doesn’t fill me with joy right now.

“If you’re someone who loves the mini, then I can now more confidently say that I understand what you dig about it, even if I’m personally looking for something else in a phone.”

Perfect end to the post too, there’s a choice for pretty much anyone in the market right now. Yes, the mini form factor is gone and I don’t see it coming back anytime soon but the 13 mini has a powerhouse of a processor so it’ll last for years.

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