Don’t buy the iPhone 13 Mini if you use display zoom

I’ve been switching between the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 13 Mini for weeks now and I’ve settled on the 12 Pro (I’m selling the Mini). The main reason for this is the lack of support for display zoom.

With the iPhone 13 Mini I absolutely love the form factor but at 5.4” unless I’m using display zoom I struggle with the font size. The issue is that when you put your device into display zoom it messes up quite a lot of the UI.

You can’t even press the icon to edit, it always uses the delete

There are obviously issues with text being cut off or wrapped, which depending on the App (Fantastical is one of the worst offenders) makes it impossible to see or worse like in the screenshot above you can’t even use the UI.

On switching to the 12 Pro in default mode all of the UI works as expected and with the font upped to the largest it seems fine. Apple don’t do enough testing on display zoom, I even raise bugs when it comes to beta testing season and have never received any response so now I don’t bother.

So, if like me you need bigger fonts and UI do not buy an iPhone 12 or 13 Mini. It seems obvious in hindsight but for those like me that suffer with RSI there is no perfect sized iPhone yet. (If you know of any good sized Android devices please let me know).

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