The iPhone needs to get lighter, not smaller

I’m going between the 13 Mini and 12 Pro quite a bit and I’m discovering that it’s not the size of the 12 Pro that I’m struggling with, it’s the weight.

It’s strange I used an 11 for so long, which is heavier than the 12 Pro but my hand pain seems to come on when I’m one handing the 12 Pro. I’m either switching hands or keeping with the Mini.

All of these 15 Pro titanium rumours I’m hoping are true although with a larger camera bump I’m not confident it’ll make all that much difference. I’ve tested the 12 Pro against the 13 Pro and the weight is all in those bigger camera lenses.

What if Apple used titanium on the lenses too, maybe that would help.

So, Apple please give us lighter iPhones – pretty please.

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