Is the iPhone 13 camera better than the iPhone 12 Pro?

The question of the iPhone 13 Mini camera vs the iPhone 12 Pro camera has been top of mind for me. As I’m heading to Star Wars celebration I’m thinking I might leave my DSLR and just take my iPhone. I’ve been eyeing up a used 14 Pro instead of getting a new point and shoot (that’s another post maybe) but if I stick to what I have now it’s 13 Mini vs 12 Pro.

Technically the iPhone 13 series took the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera so on paper the iPhone 13 beats the 12 Pro.

In real terms the iPhone 13 images are a little brighter indoors and when using night mode but other than that I’m not seeing a big difference.

Where the 12 Pro beats the 13 is with it’s 2x zoom. Although in less than ideal lighting the 12 Pro will use the wide lens and digital zoom anyway. So I don’t think I need to hang everything on having that 2x.

So at this point I’m thinking iPhone 13 beats iPhone 12 Pro due to having the stabilisation from the 12 Pro Max and a newer version of HDR processing.

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