Picking a Casio with larger digits

As I’ve gotten older I find it harder to focus on things quickly. I wear glasses and my focus level has changed as I’ve got later into my 30’s.

What I’m finding now I’m in my forties is I’m having to increase the font on my devices but now my mechanical watch (Speedmaster) seems small to me. I can see the time mostly ok but struggling with the chrono so timers are harder. So I went looking for a Casio and the more options I get with a digital watch.

I tried the G-Shock GBD-200 but it was too dim. The G-Shock 5600 digits are smaller than I remembered so I put that away. I’ve settled in the AE1200.

It’s definitely clearer now and the timer is easy to use. I’m starting to think that the AE1200 is the perfect watch. It’s easy to read, cheap, has great backlighting and comfortable.

The great thing about Casio is I can try more models out without breaking the bank. I’ll be looking out for some more models soon.

2 responses to “Picking a Casio with larger digits”

  1. I’ve just gotten my first pair of multi-focals and not entirely sure they’re doing much. I’m pretty borderline for multi-focals and the distance vision is much improved with my new specs. I was wearing contact lenses before and found myself struggling for close text, especially in the evenings. That struggle is still there and I just find it easier to take my glasses off when reading something up close – much much clearer!

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