Moving from the iPhone 12 Pro to the 13 Mini

I’ve been moving between the 12 Pro and 13 Mini for the last week and I’m conflicted. The larger screen on the 12 Pro has been great for it’s intended purpose, helping me with my creative projects. It’s been what I record my video’s with and use to post to YouTube. What I’ve found is that instead of putting it away when I’m done I’m carrying on using it.

I’ve moved the SIM back to the Mini and even with a case it’s smaller and lighter. I love carrying the Mini, I forget I even have it in my pocket. The camera is pretty much the same and battery too.

The downside of using the Mini for me now is the screen size, especially as I’m getting a little older. What I’m finding is when I’m on the iPhone Mini I use my iPad Mini more. When I’m on the 12 Pro it replaces my iPad Mini.

So moving to the iPhone 13 Mini from the 12 Pro has made my use my iPhone less and my iPad more.

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