Is the iPhone Pro too heavy?

Since I switched to the iPhone 12 Pro from the 13 Mini and back whilst doing some testing I’ve been thinking about how heavy the iPhone 14 Pro was when I had one. I briefly used one and whilst I liked the camera I found it too heavy. That’s when I made the switch back to the Mini form factor.

Now I’m on this 12 Pro I’ve been ok with the weight, so I wondered why I struggled with the 14 Pro. Checking the stats, the 14 Pro got 20 grams heavier, which has to be those camera lenses.

Looking at the 13 Pro too, that’s where it made the leap to over 200 grams on the 6.1”.

So it seems for me that 200 grams is my limit on what I’ll tolerate on an iPhone, no matter how good the camera is.

There may be some hope.

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